It is rumored that Arthur creator, Marc Brown, is highly upset at the recent creation of raunchy memes featuring all of the Arthur cartoon characters. I watched Arthur when the show was popular, as well as my kids. I have seen feedback from those in my social media network stating in a joking manner that their childhood is becoming ruined because of it. Others continue to post and share Arthur memes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many people find it hilarious but not Marc Brown. He was said to have responded negatively and has no intentions on taking back what he said.

Brown is rumored to have stated:

“Black People Ruin Everything.”, “Arthur was created to entertain kids. Not promote sex, drugs and being a THOT? WTF, is a thot?” and “Just because you have to go on Maury to find your father doesn’t mean you have the right to destroy my cartoon.”.

A show that was created to be wholesome and educational has been violated after a plethora of memes for social media were created of the cartoon. They went viral inciting others to create more. These memes promote many negative themes including sex, drug use and derogatory language.

The Associated Press posts article “Arthur network disappointed in explicit memes”. The article states, “The network behind the animated series ‘Arthur’ is disappointed that social media users are combining images from the long-running children’s show with explicit situations and language”.


Some of then include sexual situations between Arthur and DW. She was his little sister in the popular cartoon show. funniest-hey-arthur-memes-01-640x578

Understandably, Brown has a right to be upset if that is not what the show was created to promote. My opinion is that he went a bit over board with the racial comments because people of all races create memes. No one knows who started it.

Whats the bright side for Brown? Arthur is trending now. It can be used as unforeseen promotion, just not the way you prefer. Cash in, Mr. Brown! This will fizzle soon. “Arthur” first appeared on the air in 1996 and continues to air on PBS stations.

What’s your favorite or most hated  #ArthurMeme? Let me know.


By: Sarahyah Yisrael, Social Entrepreneur

Edited By: Lena Saucedo

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