Sarahyah is the owner of Mother Hen Learning. She has been a devoted wife since she was 21 years old. A woman of faith and holistic mother of 12 (soon to be 13) children. Yisrael is spokeswoman for natural childbirth, homeschooling, breastfeeding and family unity.

She is known for having a large, beautiful family, while homeschooling, and operating her business. Her creation of an exciting childbirth method is expected to hit the market this Fall. It was developed from her 22 years for experience, extensive study, 12 personal live child births and countless attended births. “I have attended and given birth in several hospitals, and birthing centers, under the guidance and supervision of doctors, nurses, and some midwives (not all). I learned many lessons. I had a few horror stories and ultimately found out they did not have the woman’s best interest at heart,” said Yisrael. “We are pushed through their system designed for profit and completely on their time which can be dangerous. The baby comes when the mother and child are ready. Period. After my 6th child, I delivered the rest of my children alone, with my husband at my home. Through these experiences of trial and error, I have mastered childbirth. Imagine, a safe and easy way to deliver a baby naturally with alternatives to traditional medication that includes special moments of love. I have developed exactly that! You do not have to have a home birth to use my method but it will allow you to paint your own canvas with your birth. You can make it a masterpiece.”

Sarahyah is a social entrepreneur who loves to volunteer her time and expertise to charity. She has a background in Childcare and received credentials in 2014. She graduated in 2019 with credentials in Early Childhood Education and is certified teacher. In 2015, she graduated from the University of Riverside with a certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Interests include writing, music, performing, 1950’s pin up art, cultural art, and internet marketing. She is a family advocate. Sarahyah has several certifications including Pre-K CLASS Tool, Applied Behavior Analysis and many more. She has written professionally for the past 5 years, winning several grants, small business grants and loans, successfully processing FASFA applications for new students, and many scholarships for herself and others.

In her spare time, Sarahyah sits on the boards for many important organizations such as Birth Choice of the Desert. Mrs. Yisrael states, “One of the top reasons that women get abortions is because they feel they don’t have any other choice. It is mandatory for cigarettes to come with warning labels but abortions do not. So many people have had their lives changed and innocent babies have died due to this lack of information. Education is key! As a woman and child advocate, I feel it is my duty to provide them and their families with the proper resources for success in life. Everyone deserves respect and love, most importantly a chance to live!”