Sarahyah has been a devoted wife since she was 21 years old. A woman of faith and holistic mother of 11, Yisrael is spokeswoman for natural childbirth, homeschooling, breastfeeding and family units.

Sarahyah is a social entrepreneur who has worked in various positions within the nonprofit business world for over 10 years. She has a background in Childcare, Early Childhood Education, and Nonprofit Management. She has a keen understanding of working with other staff in development, marketing, finance, personnel and general administrative functions.

Interests include writing, music, performing, 1950’s pin up art, and internet marketing. She is a family advocate and sits on the board for Birth Choice, a crisis pregnancy center and pro-life organization. Sarahyah has several certifications including Pre-K CLASS Tool, Applied Behavior Analysis and many more.

Mrs. Yisrael states, “One of the top reasons that women get abortions is because they feel they don’t have any other choice. It is mandatory for cigarettes to come with warning labels but abortions do not. So many people have had their lives changed and innocent babies have died due to this lack of information. Education is key! As a woman and child advocate, I feel it is my duty to provide them and their families with the proper resources for success in life. Everyone deserves respect and love, most importantly a chance to live!”.