💁 You can call me “Ace”. I am Sarahyah. Welcome.

I am a #SocialEntrepreneur #MommyOf13, who is still nursing. I know a little bit about kids and stuff. 😘 I am a self proclaimed #Goat, not just because I am a Capricorn, but because I wear many hats. I consider myself a Holistic Fashionista. In reality, I am mere old soul who has ancient wisdom, and uses gemstones and herbs to heal myself and others. I am a 🌹 in human form just blooming. I welcome you to grow with me 🌱. Hard to believe I will have given birth to 13 children before the age of 40. Mind-blowing to me. I could have never imagined. We are celebrating with all our friends and family worldwide, quarantine style.

As a WFH, homeschooling mother, I do what I love! I will share my expertise and advice on marketing, fertility, sex, and marriage. You will also get a few laughs, fashion picks, money making tips and fitness fun, topped off with bits of my life here in California.

I am creating a course about natural childbirth called, My Baby My Way. You can pre-order your copy of my book by contacting me. Follow on Instagram here.

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I hope to inspire you to do-it-yourself, while always learning, dreaming BIG, embracing imperfection, and most of all … enjoying the small stuff! The truth can hurt or be humorous, so be sure to choose to laugh.

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Lots of love, Sarahyah

That is mini me with my best friends. Rest in paradise dad.


I met Sarahyah thru Management Certification Classes but have been aware of the work she does in her community and across the Coachella Valley for many years. The work she does is not only a job but also a life mission and life-style. Her passion to raise the self-esteem and make positive changes in the lives of young people is evident.

Sue Ramirez, President and Co-Founder The Narrow Door and CV Christmas Store

It’s not often that a mother of 10 can find the time to make sure the other students in her class have the right information needed to move forward. Somehow, someway, Sarahyah Yisrael made that happen on a weekly basis. Of course, this amazing woman not only has her hands full with her own family, but has stepped it up a notch to help children of all ages develop their performing skills, whether it be dancing, singing, etc. I believe that is a focus of her charity work, and from what I now know about Sarahyah, those kids are in good hands.

Webb Weiman, Founder of Jump! (www.myjump.org)